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About us

Our team is composed of experts, engineers, project managers and workers specialized in Visual Merchandising field.

Our speciality

Our production is mainly focus on in-store displays, window decoration, events and packaging.

The design

We answer to your need of Design of your projects. We translate your key words in scenographic concept as you have conceived it.

The detail

We pride ourselves an attention to detail, we act the link between designer’s conceptualism and engineered production, in other words, we just “Make it happen”.


We make it happenProduction management from design to delivery


Quality check at each step of the production process


Strong expertise with a competitive and dedicated service


Focus on planning and budget respects


Research of the best manufacturer matching with your needs and expectations

Our Expertise


    We can answer to all your needs about rough, polished or brushed metal. We can do all kind of finishing such as gun metal, gold of brass. We require high quality on welding and polishing and plating can be vacuum, spray or electroplating depending of your needs.
    Brushed stainless steel with insert in white PU
    Brass tray
    Brushed brass belt holder
    Plate holder in brushed stainless steel with gumming
    Bagstand in brushed stainless steel with gumming
    Bagstand in brushed stainless steel with gumming
    Bagstand in brushed stainless steel with gumming
    Brushed brass pouch holder
    Brush brass signage
    Alumimium and chemical etching


      We work on MDF or higher quality of wood species. We also work on any finishing such as paint, veneer, or laminate which are giving birth to row material.
      Box in mass tinted MDF and brass lamination
      Display in mass tinted MDF and brass lamination. Display in plywood and white lamination.
      Cutlery display in glass and MDF
      Cutlery display in glass and MDF
      Watch display in MDF


        We work on several material such as Acrylic, FRP, PS, ABS, by molding, injection or rotomolding. We make molds based on exacting technical requirements.
        Resin and brass displays
        3D printing bracelet holder
        Boot holder in termoformed ABS
        Resin ball with flakes included
        FRP mannequin head with soft touch paint finishing
        FRP mannequin head with soft touch paint finishing
        Resin fake marble
        Resin fake marble


          We are working with workshop specialized in high quality wrapping that we can see in luxury jewellery store or luxury leather goods stores. We can wrap all kind of material such as fabric, leather or PU.


            Wood polishing with dust extraction and recycling
            Wood cutting
            Painting room with recycling water system
            Automated painting
            Metal cutting & bending
            Quality control
            Packing suitable for worldwide shipment

              Our Partners

              Our Partners

              SOURCINN in collaboration with metal, wood, wrapping, plastic, injection or plating specialists is proposing a mastered know-how responding to your highest technical and aesthetic requirements.


              We work with Asian partners based mainly in the Dongguan and Shenzhen regions as well as in Taiwan, working for High Luxury brands.


              Our partners follow the SA8000 standards, and are committed to respecting international labor standards and our customers’ requirements in terms of quality and working conditions. They are respecting international environment laws such as wastage recycling and are able to provide environmental impact assessment of their activities.


              Our company also collaborates with French and European companies specialized in the visual identity business.

              Your Contact

              Audrey MARTINE

              Founder and Managing Director of SOURCINN

              Expert in production of displays, window decoration and packaging.

              In charge of productions in France and Asia for French Luxury brands.

              Frequent travels to Asia on production sites.

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